If you win, you’ll be pretty no matter what your girlfriend does.

The anger gauge rises to the height of the heart as my biceps begin to heat up as if cooking. I lightly cut it in half and start drying it again. For the first and second dies, one is Pl, and the other is Benker 1,000. It’s just sprinkled. The result is 555. To the point where it’s hard for your girlfriend to check. “Huh? Do you fight?” “No, no. In fact, until then, I thought it was just luck that gambling was a pattern and a picture. Pl is right, Beng is aesthetic. While looking into the mirror alone and thinking about this and that, his girlfriend comes in to rest. I’m watching you for a turn. At that time, the rolling condition was more than five games for a 100% bet. I’m sick. He always bet even though he’s trying to manipulate it. Pick up a cigarette, light it, and naturally access the site. I can see the shuffle room. After drinking beer, I take a shower with my girlfriend, which is even more beautiful today. I’m talking to myself because I’m angry while watching YouTube. I’ll go back to sleep, too.” After I look around, I go into the bathroom with my cell phone. I just lost 100 million won in my head. I have no choice but to come out to the motel tomorrow. The first bet is always exciting. “Oh my gosh, my gosh, my girl.” My girlfriend wakes up. One, three, and five thousand were sprinkled without once eating. I bite another cigarette and start looking for a room. I’ll give you a third nine. I leave the Baccarat room. All gambling addicts are identity. See x It’s an unexpected variable. In other words, Meg is a thousand, and if you bet five times each, you can exchange money. My girlfriend is surprised by what’s wrong with her. I look around in embarrassment. We look at the past results. Since I charged 5,000 won, the minimum goal is to exchange 7,000 to 8,000 won. I just waited for my girlfriend to fall asleep. Charge 5,000 again. Since it’s dawn, I think let’s just fill in the rolling and take it out lightly. At this time, there is still a betting method that remains the same. It is an easy painting from battalion to battalion to battalion to battalion. The attempted amount was 2,000, but I hit the wall in anger. It looks like my bone is broken. After Suga is finished, the new room that changes into a shoe, hits a strong player on the pl without asking or questioning. The betting window opens. If you win like this, you look pretty and lovely no matter what your girlfriend does.However, on the contrary, when I’m defeated, I’m nervous just by talking, and there’s another me in me. Did we play 3 rounds of Muk-juk, Muk-juk. All three hit the bunker by a thousand. This memory. It’s a habit since the first baccarat. I turn on the TV when I’m awake. The gambler’s point of view is. Ah. I’m fine. Since it’s past midnight, should we make another profit? Charge 5,000 won. I sat on the toilet and 8,000 people disappeared in 15 minutes. Seebure is really like. That’s the result just now. Oh, my. If it’s bright, let’s go to the pharmacy and relax. I’m going into a triple baccarat. If the first bet goes well, the gambling goes well that day. After thinking, “Is it a long line?” he bets another fabric on Bencher. Sit on the toilet and start betting. I, who looked so cool during the day yesterday, look pathetic. Sleep more. I’m spacing out for almost 3 minutes. Sometimes, when I gamble, there’s a lag. As expected, they give me a picture. After the first betting Bunker came out and lost, Bunker came out three more times in a row. I hit 1,500 to break the picture. It’s not even a castle to pick hundreds. In the end, both are aesthetically ringing. Player First Second, I ate both Picture and Bencher 7. My Cuckoo Rice Cooker has already been cooked. Wrap your fist with a towel and come back to bed with your girlfriend. I’m going into the bacarabang. It doesn’t break even if I rustle. I enjoy a leisurely dinner with a light can of beer with a movie on. Dice doesn’t stop at once. If the video that was being released is not visible to the dealer or becomes a still screen, it is lost. I’m going into the baccarat die. First dice, second, third. Even if the third 6 comes out, it is 10 so. Punch five times against the bathroom wall. Please, please. I’m going to eat 1500 people for mex betting. Laughing, angry, happy, sad, angry. It stops one by one. There was a separate triple bet. After taking a shower together, we kiss each other hot, head to bed, spend a intense night, and fall asleep. He must have seen my fist while peeing in the toilet. “Nice sum ate 15.” Huh? It’s triple, but money doesn’t come in. How long did I sleep? When I open my eyes because I am thirsty, I look at the time on my cell phone. The results are very. 1500 again. At 3 a.m., my girlfriend sleeps deeply because she must have been tired after work. Look in the bathroom mirror. I didn’t know, but blood is dripping. The card is starting to come out. ‚Äč. As I wished, I thought I could start the day lightly if I got hit 2-3 times out of 5 times, 1,000 times each. Player, betting 1,000 won. Sugar begins by the time you finish one piece and turn off the fire. Phew, I shout player third card kung to myself. All three results cannot be like this aesthetic x. Because of this ugly memory, it’s really dark in front of me. My secorn card 7 Nice and at the same time, please avoid the picture. My first card 1, Bencher’s first card 9. I’ll hit you again. I bought beer and grilled elvan squid sold on the street and came into the motel. Mobile phone businesses with unpaid bills are hiding. It didn’t hurt at all at this time. Oh no. I’m going to go in and wait and hit the player with a cloth when it starts. All three are natural. It’s slowly starting to become a cooker. My girlfriend asks me to go to the emergency room. I’m screwed. When it melts down close to the seed, I get anxious and nervous.

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