I was looking forward to it today.

I just went home…I put in 1,000 won for the last time, but the worst thing about the last time was that it wouldn’t go in no matter how many times I put it in. Let’s go there.” And he suddenly said, “Shincheon, go, go, go buy lottery.” What? That’s gig? Where? Whenever I curse and get angry, did you call your mom to see if she wins the lottery at 8pm? The problem was that I was originally going to take a bus and split it, but I missed the bus in front of me, so I walked from Samjeon to Worstore convenience store with power walking for 12 minutes, and I felt really bad. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I couldn’t take a picture there, so I took a picture of you holding it in my hand. I’m sorry. I have to roll it up and take it.I don’t even want to touch it. Have you ever bought a lottery? I’ve never bought a lottery before. If not, I just put it back in. Hello~ I slept early in the evening at 8pm and thought I’d sleep until the next day. I invested a little too much 5,000 won, so I invested 4,000 won when I came home. No, I put in 1,000 won for the second time. If you ask me to do it before I go to the army, I’ll have to do it quickly. Last year, I was reminded of the sadness of the correction period.Woosh. I think he’ll lose weight well. This cute hedgehog? Cat? The name came out like this. Thank you first. Contrary to what you were worried about, this is my gambling, but why do I really like it? The problem is that I was hit by Inhyeop’s 50,000 won lotto today. Of course, the lizard centipede gave it to MK and you as a gift. But for those who want to lose weight or work out hard, I recommend him. We are stomach is full of beggars. You should go home. m.blog.naver.com You guys. He kept spitting it out, so I thought it was God’s revelation not to put it in. But I think I walked because I’m strong. It’s good to see it. The lizard that I picked last time. Walking while keeping everything I said is really hard. The one-store convenience store in the middle of our house that was changed to Jamsil Saenae? That’s why I had to go there. I was so happy that I almost did backflips at home. Sunmin-unnie, the same line 2 as me, so we decided to go to and from school together every day lol Halton, we didn’t meet again this time, but each neighborhood contacted D.M. Finally, Kim Min Ju’s college motivation? Finally, Kim Min Ju’s school? Hmm. on their laptop and made a timetable. I made it into my selfie 10 minutes ago thinking about our old memories in the gallery. If I had cursed at everything, I would have asked him to go to Hwapo Restaurant and he said, “Okay, okay. Do you know what power walking is? It’s harder than you think with your arms, arms,

straighten your back, and power walking. I really thought this was a dream. My appearance. It’s really hard. I just woke up. I’m just posting my picture and sticking it out. Is this what elementary schoolers like? That’s amazing. I mean it. What I ate this morning. No, haha. What happened with Hwang Inhyeop actually has nothing to do with my lottery purchase. I posted the story and kept on rolling around in bed. After I made the university timetable at the cafe today, there was no one to eat, but Hwang In-hyeop saved me so that I wouldn’t eat alone. Try it with my friend. To be honest, rather than being funny…Something ridiculous. I have to do all three spinach bracken bean sprouts and make mushroom pollack pancakes. He’s really strong. No. I wasn’t going to post it on my blog, but on my way home. It turned out that I didn’t eat and he didn’t eat either. I was supposed to go to a meat restaurant right in front of the cafe, but the cafe arrived at 7:30, so I said to buy a lottery. I’m sorry. I’m proud to tell you here even now, @[email protected][email protected]!212 I went live on Saturday yesterday, and they said they’ll release a new song soon. hehe. There’s no one other than my dad who ordered me a drive yet. No? Well, because of restrictions, we can only eat until 9 o’clock. I hated it so much. It means to watch it. We succeeded in making a timetable before New Year’s Day came. Kim Min Gyun ate it as soon as he gave it to me. Cute people! Of course, I’m satisfied with myself, too? Why don’t I tell you the last 1,000 won story? Uh. The lotto he lives in is Sincheon. I love you blog. I almost threw up. Today, I decided to make a university timetable with Sunmin at the cafe. Something funny happened. Today’s song is my love, Saturday, Skinny Brown. Legendary. I didn’t put in 1,000 won again. It was so good, but this is the only picture. I’m sure people already know it. It’s disgusting. How can I not listen to it a lot? I can listen to it 24 hours a day. I just screamed. He’s like a trainer who makes people walk and work out even if they’ But this might be different depending on each person’s personality? I have a strong personality, so I walked with Hwang Inhyeop today. What’s the reason? I’m so angry before I say that. How long has it been since you got your license? I was just curious. But I posted a story on Instagram and pretended to be cool. I just used it’s like a collabo. Since I’m busy, let’s really start now. I have nothing to say because I ate a lot and grew a lot. I’m getting tired now. I’m so excited! They want me to listen to it a lot. The best response. But I accept your stamina. But really, I was out of breath and my ears hurt. I’m busy starting tomorrow. I’m going to post it shortly today. My throat was bleeding and my ears hurt. It’s losing…As soon as I saw the toy, I was going to throw it away because I got goosebumps, but my sister and MK fought because they wanted it, remember? If you don’t know this story, please watch this legend story. First, I have to say what happened today and go to bed. I got two of these guys. No, I’m already nervous. No, something that makes me angry? Nonsense…? From tomorrow, I have to prepare for the holidays, so I won’t be able to write a blog until the end of the holidays, but I really want to tell you this story. He’ll walk fast. If I work out with him, I’ll fight with him. But you can’t ignore something that feels weird? https://m.blog.naver.com/axc2424/222601493298 If I post it now, will anyone watch it? But I shared a tip at the end. Please make it all clueless. My head really hurts. I was going to post 3 pictures and leave, but why seaweed? Why does it feel like I’m writing too long? It’s 3am right now. I talked too long. Uh…I didn’t use that. Smells. Finally, the content related to the title is coming out.

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