The chicken fight, called Sabong in Tagalog, is a unique culture of the Philippines with a very old tradition

Last week, Wednesday at 3pm. It was raining so hard to walk outside. However, the spacious building was cooler than expected. The air conditioner seems to be working well, but it was cool inside the building as the fan wind blew in several places. It was the Filipino men who filled the cool building. Hundreds of old men who seemed to be over were all sitting together watching the chicken fight. The concentration was both surprising and absurd. It was such a concentration that could not be seen by Filipino men. However, the chicken fight time was in vain compared to the men’s concentration and efforts to raise fighting chickens. After the referee, who is conducting the chicken fight, briefly raises the chicken’s medicine and the fight begins in earnest, the game ends in 10 seconds at the shortest and 2 minutes at the longest. The chicken fight, called Sabong in Tagalog, is a unique culture of the Philippines with a very old tradition. It is said that it began in earnest to withstand the stress of colonial life during the Spanish rule in the past, and it is a gambling(like 토토사이트) game with its own history, as it is said that there is a record of Magellan’s arrival here in the past. It is the most popular sport in the Philippines, so it is easy to watch anywhere in the Philippines. In most rural villages, Sabong Stadium is usually located at the end of the village. Why is chicken fight so popular in the Philippines? There may be many reasons, but I think it’s because the winning rate is high. It’s a huge gambling game with a 50% winning rate, so it’s the Sabong chicken fight that you can earn twice as much money as you bet if you win. As the probability is high, a lot of money goes back and forth, and those who lose the bet can easily know 먹튀. There are Sabong chicken fight stadiums throughout the village, so access to the stadium is good, and anyone can raise chickens to be the winner. In fact, when you travel to the countryside of the Philippines, you can easily meet an uncle who raises this chicken fight as a side job, but he considers it a property list No. 1 and raises a beloved chicken. It is to raise chickens by shampooing chickens every morning, feeding them nutritional supplements, and exercising, because once you become a winner, you can earn a lot of money. I heard that the price of chicken, which is good at fighting, goes beyond 1 million won in Korean money and reaches the price of a house. These fighting chickens are the ones who take supplements that Filipinos have never seen in their lives. Compared to the high winning rate, the game method of Sabong chicken fight is simple. Before the game begins, betting agents are first asked to bet with loud gestures accompanied by tremendous noise. I’m deafened by the shouts of excited people. Unlike horse racing, the betting of the chicken fight is not done by receiving paper and paying the amount, but by a betting agent remembering it and then receiving the money from the losing team after the game and delivering it to the winner. So after the game, a rolled thousand pesos or 500 pesos fly on the stadium. The stadium’s appearance varies slightly from neighbor to neighborhood, but most of them are decorated in the form of overlooking the ring in the center ring. It looks similar to the Korean ssireum board. On one side of the stadium, it says Mitefree, wala, and on the other side it says Ready to fight, meron, and the floor is made of sand. However, the ankles of chickens ahead of the showdown are interesting. When you look at the ankles, the blade is tied to a span of length, making you realize that this Sabong chicken fight is no joke. ▲ Before the game, the harsh breathing and shouting of the betting men. I can feel the deafening noise and people’s excitement. The game finally starts! When the full-fledged Sabong chicken fight begins, people become quiet for a moment. The time of the game varies depending on the chicken participating, but most of them are determined from the beginning. Chicken domesticated by humans attack each other’s heads without knowing the reason for the fight. When chicken hair flies in the sky, the strong stand more on the feathers around the neck, and the weak lie on the floor helplessly. At this point, the old men now consistently focus and don’t laugh. Large amounts of money go back and forth over a month’s salary. The clock attached to the corner of the wall shines redder and informs the game time in seconds. Again, chicken hair covered the thick sand, and the game was over. The losing side became cold meat and went out of the battlefield in a black basket, after taking money out of many people’s pockets. In fact, it is a very short moment for a chicken that was loved by its owner to die. In addition, the game usually ends with one side dying. If you go to the countryside, you can see the dead chickens blanching in hot water on one side of the stadium to pull out chicken fur. In other words, it is the moment when it becomes an inexpensive chicken from an expensive fighting chicken. Most games end very short, but sometimes the chicken’s fighting skills are similar, so the game does not end easily. Then, the number of 1, 2, and 3 flows out of the referee’s mouth with a rough voice, and the chicken that builds the bridge becomes the winner until “Tatteulro (3)” is shouted. The referee catches and releases chickens several times to ensure victory and defeat, confirming the winner so that anyone can understand the outcome of the game. So, the losing side often gets hurt so much that it cannot move, and most of them die. Anyway, the chicken fight is shorter than the time to boil cup noodles, no matter how long it is. And the money needed for that short moment was 500 pesos. The admission fee is 250 pesos, so it costs a lot of money to watch a chicken fight. – Where did you come from? – I’m Korean.I don’t travel, I live in Manila. People stared for a long time, looking at the strange fact that the only foreign woman sitting in a chicken fight stadium, which was all male, as if she had entered a men’s bathhouse. It is a curious look at why that woman is in such a place. Finally, a courageous man came to talk to me. After a brief investigation of where he came from and was traveling, he smiled, saying, “If you want to bet on a chicken fight, I will help you if you tell me.” It is kind enough to inform them that if they sit over there, they will be able to see the game better. At the same time, he persuades me that I can get twice as much money if I win even though it’s 500 pesos per game. Originally, I was not interested in paying for such gambling, and I actually didn’t have 500 pesos in my pocket, so I shook my head and watched a chicken fight. It rained hard outside, but the air conditioner came out well inside the stadium, so it was only comfortable. It was cool in the building, but people were watching the chicken fight with hot faces. Suddenly, it’s 3 p.m. on Wednesday, and I was just wondering if everyone had a job or if they lost their betting money, they would have dinner tonight. ▲ The cemetery between Manila Pars. There is a chicken fight stadium near this cemetery. ▲ Chicken Fight Stadium between Manila Pars ▲ The parking lot is full of cars despite the rain. Of course, it’s the car of those who came to see the chicken fight. In cities like Manila, if there are so many parked cars in front of the chicken fight stadium, it is a sign that there is a chicken fight. In rural areas, red flags are often selected outside the field to announce the game. ▲ There is no separate ticket office information sign. If you just go in to the left, there is a small ticket office. ▲ Admission ticket paid a large amount of 250 pesos. In the countryside, it was only a few tens of pesos, but admission fees were unexpectedly high, whether it was called a large city here in Manila Pasai. No matter how expensive it was, I thought it would be 100 pesos, but I barely managed to enter by shaking off all the change. ▲ Sabong Chicken Fightground, which is like a men’s bathhouse. Before the start of the game, it is very noisy to ask if they are betting money. Still, some uncles bring cards and play cards in the meantime, while others eat.

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